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Benjamin Hughs House   c. 1860


Greek Revival

109 N. 3rd Street

Clarksville, Missouri

views of Mississippi River

3 bedroom, 2 bath + sleeping porch

$229,000 Reduced


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as  example of "High Style Greek Revival "contributing to Clarksville National Register Historic District.

Benjamin Hughs was a successful merchant in the town of Clarksville, Missouri. Clarksville's location on banks of the Mississippi River assured its early economic boom. By 1860, Hughs had accumulated sufficient wealth to build a fine home on a hill above his prosperous town. The Benjamin Hughs's house is an impressive brick home in the popular Greek Revival style with an elegant two story portico which provides magnificent views of the town and the Mississippi. It is listed in the Clarksville Historic District nomination as “High Style” Greek Revival architecture.

This quality home resisted the ravages of time and weather. Updating for modern living did not diminish its elegant interiors that boast original architectural details. Upgrades in the mechanical systems, wiring, plumbing, and central heat and air conditioning made the home more satisfactory for modern living. The exterior restoration included the original 1860 window shutters. Three bedrooms, a sleeping porch and a full bath are on second floor. The first floor offers a family parlor, dining room, kitchen, and a formal parlor open to a stunning staircase. An elegantly proportioned two story portico welcomes guests to the front door.  (For more on Benjamin Hughs go to "home's history" at the bottom of this page)


Views of House and Yard

(click on photos to enlarge)

High on a hill above Clarksvill the elegant home offers splendid views of the Mississippi River

A closer view shows the well preserved portico and the original restored shutters that frame the large windows with views of the river and Clarksville

A plaque noting the home's wealthy builder, Benjamin Hughs, and the date it was built.

Another angle that shows this fine home's lofty perch.

The front wing offers a grand staircase, a formal parlor and a family parlor on the first floor and two bedrooms with fireplaces on the second.

The rear wing offers a dining room, rear stairs, kitchen, laundry and full bath. The second floor offers a bedroom, a sleeping porch, trunk room and full bath.

What your guest will see as they ascend the hill leading to this great house.

The road beside the house leads to the alley drive and off-street parking.

The garden shed next to the parking area.

A view of the back yard and ancient stone retaining wall.

Rear wing south view shows first floor utility porch and laundry room, second floor sleeping porch and trunk room.

Stone foundation with windows to cellar.

The house framed by trees in this view to the northwest is lovely.

This view of the two story entry portico give a sense of its elegance and granduer.


Take a tour of the First Floor

(click on photos to enlarge) 

Elegant staircase. The impressive staircase greets visitors at the front door. The formal parlor is open to the entry hall providing a view to enjoy

the architecture and skill of the craftmen who built the stairs.

View of the front door and one of the two large windows providing views to the Mississippi

Another angle to view the staircase. A door beyond leads to the first floor rear porch.

Another view shows the gracious size of the formal parlor.

The light streams in from the south facing parlor window.

A closer view of the parlor.

The family parlor is on the northeast side of the first floor.

The family parlor is next to the staircase hall. It opens through French doors to the dining room.

Family parlor's large windows offer views of the river.

French doors, crowned by a filagree transon, lead to the rear wing dining room.

View from the dining room to the family parlor.

Rear staircase in dining room leads to second floor bedroom. Open door to kitchen. Closed door to porch.

Close-up of the paneled rear staircase railing.

The kitchen sink has a view to the west.

The kitchen is decorated more rustic than the other formal rooms. The lady of the house likely had a cook who prepared the meals.

The laundry room and pantry just off the kitchen.

The house has updated wiring with a breaker box in the laundry.

The downstairs full bath is off the dining room.

Doors from the kitchen and the dining room lead to the lower back porch. The door at the end of the room leads to the first floor staircase.

The glass door leads to the patio. This porch is a work space and extra space for entertaining guests.

Photo looking east in the glass porch. Door leads to grand stair hall.

View of door to glass porch from patio.

Doors from glass porch lead to kitchen and dining room. Old cast iron stove is ornamental.


Take a tour of the Second Floor

(click on photos to enlarge) 

The newel post is impressive. More impressive to Hughs' guests was its completed top ring which indicated that the house was paid for in full.

The stairs gently and elegantly curve as you reach the top floor.

Do you wonder how many children tried to slide down this banister in 154 years?

The railing and the banister are in pristine condition.

A view of the graceful curve near the top.

The glass door in the upper stairhall leads to the second floor portico balcony.

A postcard view of the Mississippi. Could you imagine your morning coffee on this balcony?

South east bedroom above the formal parlor. In addition to a fabulous view, it boasts a fireplace.

The graceful lines of the iron bed highlight the two riverview windows.

The large room offers ample space for a sitting room.

The door leads to the upper staircase hall.

Door from the hall to the second main wing bedroom.

The front windows in this spacious bedroom provide great river views.

This large room has a fireplace on the north wall. The door to the right leads to another bedroom and the back stair hall.

The rear wing bedroom has direct access to the rear stairs.

Open door to the south leads to the sleeping porch. Second door leads to a large closet area and a full bath.

A view of the north facing windows in the bedroom.

A room between the bedroom and upper bathroom. This room has access to the bath, the sleeping porch and a large closet.

The upper bath is loaded with old fashioned charm; pedestal sink and clawfoot tub.

The sleeping porch can also be used for evening chats before bed. The breese from the river makes it comfortable even in the midst of the summer.

The sleeping porch leads to the upper staircase hall. The door to the trunk room is on the opposite end of the room.



The Neighborhood

(click on photos to enlarge)

Historic district home that dates back to the early 1800s

View to downtown Clarksville

Clarksville mainstreet to the Mississippi

Former church to the south.

View from the house to the south.

A view east from the first floor portico.

A Cape Cod house that was built on the stone cellar of an 1860s house.

The little dot is one of the many eagles that frequent the Clarksville area.



Historic Charm on the Mississippi, Clarksville, Missouri …

Clarksville, Missouri is located just an hours drive north of St. Louis on the banks of the Mississippi River.

This sleepy little early 19th Century river town that was in its heyday when steamboats ruled the Mississippi was awakened by the arrival of new settlers.  In the 1980s Clarksville was discovered by artists and antique dealers as a place with much of its 19th Century charm intact. Its old storefronts became ideal places for art galleries, stores for resident craftsmen who produce the next generation’s antiques, and fine antique shops and restaurants.

 Many of these artisans lived in the loft like spaces above their galleries and storefronts. As the town’s artist colony grew, it became a vacation destination with several fine B & B’s and restaurants to compliment the galleries and boutiques. In addition to the art and the antiques, the Mississippi draws boaters and kayakers.   

The historic business district is proud of its location on the banks of the Mississippi. In the past twenty years during two major floods of the Mississippi River the historic business district was saved by the efforts of Clarksville citizens and thousands of volunteers who constructed sandbag levees.


              More on the history of Benjamin Hughs

                  the builder of this fine home:

The 1988 National Register of Historic Places for the historic district in Clarksville, Missouri lists the Benjamin Hughs’s Greek Revival perched on a hill above Clarksville on Third Street as one of the twelve examples of “High Style Houses.”   Hughs would likely be pleased to know that the stylish home he built c.1860 still stands and is considered both architecturally and historically significant.  By mid-19th century standards Hughs was a wealthy man.  He had the good fortune to settle in Clarksville on the Mississippi River. The town grew and prospered with river trade.

The 1850 census lists Hughs occupation as “Grocery keeper” there was no mention of his financial circumstances.  In the 1860 census Hughs was listed as “Merchant” His real estate was valued at $4800.  It is likely that this fine high style house was his real estate. In addition to the more prestigious title as “merchant” he also had other assets valued at $5000.  There were far wealthier men at the time, but he was moving up the social and economic ladder.  In the 1870 census he is listed as “Lumber Merchant”  (Lumber was the source of many fortunes in Mississippi River towns.)   His real estate declined in value to $4500, but his wealth increased to $10,700.

The Gothic cottage next door to the “High Style” Greek Revival home was listed as a dependency to the larger home.  The National Register nomination also lists it as “High Style” and “rarely employed in domestic architecture in Missouri.”  Hughs may have built this adjoining house for a relative, or he may have built it as a rental property. It was obviously built much earlier than the 1910 date given in the tax records. It was likely built soon after the larger brick home was completed.

Clarksville---Come Touch the Mississippi


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